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“Cristiano Ronaldo brings the whole Juventus team to life”

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Ahead of Juventus’ match against Dynamo Kyiv, Cristiano Ronaldo received high praise from a historic manager who deeply admires him. 

There are many football managers who admire Cristiano Ronaldo, the star just received some high praise ahead of Juventus’ upcoming match. We are talking about Dynamo Kyiv manager, Mircea Lucescu. In his press conference ahead of the game, the Romanian gaffer spoke about the impact Ronaldo has on all the teams he represents.

Any club where Cristiano played over the years has very different results when they have him on the squad vs when they don’t. In Juventus’ case, it’s evident Ronaldo makes the world of difference when he is on the pitch. The Italian giants take a number of steps forward when they use their biggest star and they will probably play him tomorrow.

Within Group G, Juventus and Barcelona are qualified for the next round. This match against Dynamo will be a great chance for Cristiano to score goals without pressure

Lucescu is in awe of Ronaldo’s charisma. 

The great players in the world tend to have a certain level of charisma the rest don’t possess. Lucescu wanted to talk about this aspect or Cristiano’s personality ahead of the next match. He revealed his thoughts through Goal: “Ronaldo has charisma, he brings the whole team to life, he is one of those players who can make a difference,” Lucescu said.

“He is important for what he does on the pitch and for the confidence he gives to everyone. Juventus are a great team, they can field two different equally strong teams. They have changed some things and they are perfecting some others, but I’m sure that it will enhance the talent of their players.

“I think that Juve can win the Champions League, they have great players. Certainly the absence of the fans also makes everything more difficult for everyone. Italian football is and will continue to be one of the most important in the world.”