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Conmebol and players clash over new Copa America host

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After the new Copa America host was announced, there was a reported disagreement between Conmebol and some of the footballers. 

The upcoming Copa America quickly found its venue to host the tournament but some of the players don’t agree with this decision. After both Colombia and Argentina stepped down as hosts due to the pandemic and other reasons. Brazil was announced by Conmebol as the new host of this competition. However, an important sector of the players who will make the trip to that country are not happy with this decision. Unfortunately, Brazil is the country that managed the pandemic in the worst possible manner since it started.

No other nation apart from India has done it like Brazil. With this in mind, many players from these South American countries took the matter to FIFPro in order to get a response from them. If they all get together, they can easily cancel the entire event but we still don’t know what will happen. As of right now, the Copa America is still scheduled to happen in Brazil but it is also still in the air due to these issues.  

FIFPro backs deserting players. 

FIFPro responded to pressure through an official statement in which they confirm they will support any player who decides to not play the Copa America: “Along with other international football stakeholders, FIFPRO has made it clear since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that public health and safety must be the overriding priority for the football industry, especially during these extraordinary times. As the pandemic continues to weigh down public health services across South America, we respectfully ask CONMEBOL to take all measures required to make sure the competition does not put players at risk.

“The latest plan to arrange – at extremely short notice – for hundreds of footballers to compete in a tournament of such complexity leaves open uncertainty for each and every one of them, and their families. Under the current circumstances, FIFPRO would of course fully support any player that decides to withdraw from the tournament for health and safety reasons. As with previous national team competitions during the COVID-19 emergency period, players must be able to prioritize their own and their families’ health without the risk of sanctions.”