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Christian Eriksen opens up on his ‘unpleasant’ situation at Inter Milan

Christian Eriksen, Inter Milan
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Christian Eriksen admitted life has taken an ‘unpleasant’ turn on the bench for Inter Milan and hopes things will improve soon.

The former Tottenham midfielder has struggled to establish himself since joining Inter in January. In fact, he’s only played 73 minutes of football this season and had been subject to rumors of a summer exit.

Despite reports of interest from Bundesliga clubs Borussia Dortmund and Hertha BSC, however, Eriksen stayed put.

Whether this will be the case in the January transfer window, though, remains debatable unless Antonio Conte hands the 28-year-old more opportunities.

“I don’t want to sit on the bench for the whole season. I hope this isn’t the coach’s or the club’s intention,” said Eriksen in a press conference on Saturday as quoted by Goal.

“There will be an incredible number of matches in a short time, and now we also have three national team matches in a few days. The Champions League starts when we get back to their respective clubs, so there will be a lot of games to play.

“I’m sure I’ll probably have my minutes. So it depends a lot on the people on the outside and I myself expect this moment to come.

“I find myself at a point where perhaps I had never been in a club team before. I got off to a great start after arriving at Inter in January and tried to show off… then we stopped because of coronavirus and it went little up and down.

“People’s thinking and expectations of me as a player is to be decisive in every game, and that wasn’t the case. That’s why people from the outside look at me differently now.

“Obviously you become less patient when you have experience and have tried different things… in the end it is always unpleasant to sit on the bench.”

Eriksen is currently preparing for Denmark’s Nations League clash with Iceland on Sunday.