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Capello gives Super League credit to former Italian club owner

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During a recent interview about the Super League, Fabio Capello gave credit for it to a former Italian club owner who is already retired. 

Fabio Capello thinks that the Super League idea is not Florentino’s, he thinks a former Italian club owner came up with it first. Back when he was still a player, Capello represented various Italian clubs during the ‘60s and ‘70s decades. His final years were at AC Milan, which was the time when he created an unbreakable bond with the club. By the time he was studying to become a manager, Capello met Silvio Berlusconi and his crazy ideas about the future in football.

To Fabio, the former AC Milan owner was the first man who came up with the European Super League idea. Many credit Florentino Perez for it, but Capello doesn’t agree with this notion at all. In fact, Fabio seems to have very little respect for the Real Madrid president, and it’s been like that for a long time. When he coached Real Madrid, there was a different president in control of the Spanish club. 

Capello and his thoughts on Florentino. 

In an interview with Sky Sport Italia, Capello said: “Florentino is not a person who admits his mistakes. He’s never done it, not even when he signed players that didn’t do well. This time, the error was huge. You can’t make a statement at midnight saying the Super League was born. He still believes he can save the project planned by him and Agnelli. It all started when PSG signed Neymar paying his release clause from Barcelona. The Catalans then signed Coutinho and Dembele. PSG bought Mbappé too.

“The players’ wages have increased since, and the situation is not sustainable anymore. There’s no more money. I was reading Real Madrid want Neymar or Mbappé, but which money will they use? Berlusconi had thought about it back in 1988. I worked on it with lawyer Travaglia. Berlusconi could not think of being eliminated after just one Champions League game. He used to say: ‘I want to watch the most important clubs at San Siro, I want a different football.’ At that time, there was the Iron Curtain, so we could not face the clubs on the other side.”