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Florentino: “Football is gravely wounded and it needs saving”

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In an attempt to explain his modus operandi, Florentino Perez spoke about the state of football today and tried to justify his actions. 

Florentino Perez is not backing down from his alleged attempt to “save football” as he just offered an interview where he explained himself. In an interview with Diario AS, he wanted to analyze what he did wrong when he communicated his intentions to the world. In his view, the entire football community has his proposed format all wrong.

He vehemently denies that modest clubs will disappear if the European Super League is born. Plus, he criticized UEFA’s own format as Spanish football fans demand two heads to roll. During a busy Friday, Twitter got two trending topics in the top two spots throughout Spain. Both #CeferinOUT and #TebasDimision are trending right now. Then, Florentino Perez offered an interview on AS to explain where he got it wrong with his proposed idea. 

Florentino tries to explain himself. 

In an interview with AS, this is what Florentino had to say: “Everything has been manipulated. This isn’t a plan that excludes other clubs or the rest of the leagues. The Super League project is the best possible option. It was created in order to help football get out of the current crisis. Football is gravely wounded because its economy is sinking and we need to adapt to the times we are living in. This initiative doesn’t go against domestic tournaments and its objective is to make income flow for everybody in the football community. It was planned to give most matches a lot more interest.

“I believe that UEFA’s new format doesn’t solve this issue either because their proposal isn’t better than what we already have. Plus, we can’t wait until 2024. But anyway, we definitely did something wrong. We are going to overview everything and confront new ideas. Maybe playing the four best clubs from each country is the solution. I don’t know, but we need to do something because the youth is abandoning football. They get bored when they pin this against other means of entertainment. There are four billion football fans around the world scattered all over and half of them support the Super League clubs. Football is the only global sport.”