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Budweiser’s brilliant homage after Messi’s 644 goals for Barcelona

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Budweiser just won the year with the brilliant homage they did for Lionel Messi after scoring 644 goals for FC Barcelona this week. Bravo! 

Budweiser is one of Lionel Messi’s biggest sponsors at the moment and they wanted to honor him. What they did is simply incredible after the Argentine beat Pele’s 643 goal record with a single club this week. Leo already opened up about the incredible feat through his social media but the beers brand took things a step further. As a brilliant publicity stunt to celebrate this milestone, Budweiser sent beers to every goalkeeper Messi scored against.

In each bottle of beer, there was a number from 1 to 644 and you can imagine the reactions from all goalkeepers. You can see names such as Gianluigi Buffon, Jan Oblak, Kepa, or Iker Casillas getting their proper package. We bet the former Real Madrid goalie could get proper drunk if he drank every bottle he got. Messi scored 17 goals against him when they faced each other in El Clasico. 

All goalies were good sports about it. 

No goalkeeper who got his package of beers got angry at the publicity stunt. It’s free beer after all and they all feel honored to be part of Leo Messi’s incredible legacy. There’s a particularly funny grin coming from ‘Gigi’ Buffon, who was a good sport and thanked Budweiser for the two beers he got.

This is what Buffon wrote on Twitter: “Budweiser, thanks for the beers. I’ll take it as a compliment. We have great battles over the years! Congratulations on breaking the 644 goal record #Messi! it really is an unbelievable achievement. Cheers!”

Which goalkeeper do you think got the most beers from Budweiser after Messi’s record?