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BREAKING: Wales sack Ryan Giggs amid assault charged

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According to a recent report, Wales just sacked Ryan Giggs amid the assault charges against him that became public today. 

Wales manager Ryan Giggs has been accused and charged with assaulting two women in the city of Salford. He was also accused of psychological abuse and controlling behavior between December 2017 and November 2020. For nearly three years, Giggs allegedly accused these women. The Welshman responded by stating he is looking forward to clearing his name from these accusations but his job was immediately on the line.

As it was expected, the Wales FA decided to take him off the squad just months before the Euros begin. Giggs is expected to make a case for his defense with his team of lawyers but the evidence is too heavy to get out of this one. There is a good chance that Ryan Giggs is declared guilty of the charges against him when this whole process comes to an end. Although the former player maintains his innocence, his case is difficult to defend even for the greatest law firms in Great Britain. 

Wales officially sacks Ryan Giggs. 

After BBC Sport reported the news of Giggs’ charges, the Wales FA released a statement through their official website. They reveal he won’t be coaching the squad any longer and they also reveal who will replace him during the Euros: “The Football Association of Wales has noted the decision of The Crown Prosecution Service to proceed with charging Ryan Giggs, the Men’s National Team Manager.

“In light of this decision, the FAW can confirm that Robert Page will assume the role of Cymru Men’s National Team manager for this summer’s EURO 2020 tournament and will be assisted by Albert Stuivenberg. An FAW Board meeting will be convened to discuss these developments and their impact on the Association and the National Team. The FAW will not be making any further comment at this current time.”