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BREAKING: Update on Real Madrid’s troubled trip to Pamplona

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Despite the severe weather conditions, we have the latest update on Real Madrid’s troubled plane trip to Pamplona for tomorrow’s game. 

Real Madrid players were wildly unhappy with the way the planned trip to Pamplona was being handled. Due to severe weather conditions in the whole community of Madrid, several clubs are being affected by heavy snowfall. Despite not playing in the city of Madrid, Los Blancos were also affected due to their troubled plan trip to Pamplona.

Tomorrow, there is a scheduled La Liga match against Osasuna that was in danger of being postponed. However, the club’s top powers decided to send the players on a plane regardless of the situation. This angered many of the players, who understandably feared for their well being. After several attempts to take off, the plane finally started a trip that lasted less than one hour. 

Real Madrid lands safely in Pamplona. 

The previous moments to Real Madrid plane’s lift-off were excruciating for all the players, who were stuck inside the plane for three hours. After taking off, the flight finally landed safely in the city of Pamplona without any major issues. However, we can expect some of the players publicly complaining about how the whole situation was handled. There’s a video of the players getting off the plane where you can clearly see them in a rush after so much time sitting inside the plane.

Also, we all have to see if they were exposed to the virus in any shape of form during the hours they spent in the airport and the plane. We will give you an update as soon as we have one. But the bottom line is that the game against Osasuna is happening at the stadium, the Pamplona club made sure the pitch is ready for game night.