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Rough winter weather threatens the Spanish La Liga matches

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Due to rough winter weather conditions, a number of Spanish La Liga matches are in danger of getting postponed throughout the weekend. 

The whole area of Madrid is currently under severe threat of rough winter weather conditions that place La Liga matches in danger. Virtually all football clubs from the Madrid community are in danger of getting their matches postponed due to a historic winter storm in the area. However, both Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are suffering from severe problems with their respective matches.

Let’s start with the Colchoneros, who should play against Athletic Club on Saturday but might not even get there. The Basque club was about to lift off a few hours ago but the bad weather forced them to reconsider. In the end, Athletic Club’s plane decided to make a u-turn due to the severe weather conditions. According to information from Cadena Ser, La Liga still thinks the match can be played despite the situation. 

Real Madrid had trouble with their flight as well. 

Moving on to Real Madrid, who play in Pamplona tomorrow against Osasuna. The Barajas Airport in Madrid decided to cancel most flights due to the weather but Los Blancos decided they wanted to give the flight a try. After a couple of attempts, Los Blancos’ plane finally made lift-off and we are following it as we speak on a live radar.

There were reports of Real Madrid players fearing something terrible could happen if they decided to make the trip. It is clear that some of them didn’t want to travel due to the snow but the general consensus prevailed. Real Madrid travels to Pamplona as we speak. We will keep you updated on what happens to their plane in a few hours.