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BREAKING: PSG star tests positive for Covid-19

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After the latest round of tests within the club, PSG confirmed that one of their stars tested positive for Covid-19 on Wednesday. 

PSG keeps having Covid-19 problems with one of their stars latest testing result, he just tested positive for the virus. During the early hours of Wednesday, the French club issued a report about Moise Kean testing positive right before today’s match against Bordeaux. Paris Saint-Germain just traveled to that French city for a Ligue 1 match during the midweek fixture.

Kean hadn’t tested positive since the pandemic began and today was the day he did. As of right now, the club only confirmed his test result but they didn’t share any further information. We can safely assume he is not in bad condition until more information is disclosed. The major problem here is directly linked to PSG’s upcoming Champions League match against FC Barcelona. 

Moise Kean could miss the match vs Barcelona. 

Due to the usual protocol that needs to be followed for Covid-19, any person who tests positive needs to isolate himself for at least 10 days. If no grave symptoms manifest after this period of time, the subject can assume the virus left his system. This means that Kean will most likely miss the upcoming Champions League return leg against FC Barcelona at Parc des Princes. If he misses this game, he could join Neymar as one of the few players who miss this expected event.

On their official website, PSG issued the following statement about Moise Kean: “The medical update this Wednesday March 3 concerns Moise Kean. Moise Kean tested positive in his PCR test for Sars-Cov2 this morning. He has stayed in Paris and won’t be available for the game against Bordeaux. He has gone into isolation and is subject to the necessary health protocols.”