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‘Tite’ is thrilled with Neymar’s improvement at PSG

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In an interview with FIFA, ‘Tite’ spoke about Neymar’s improvement at PSG and what has changed from his game in recent years. 

For Brazil’s ‘Tite’, Neymar is arguably the most important player he has on the team for the next five years. Although he hasn’t been fortunate with injuries when he plays for his country, Neymar is still the star of an already star-studded squad. But his evolution has taken quite a long time to become what we see today on our screens. ‘Tite’ saw all these changes first-hand and he wanted to shed a light on them.

Neymar is the type of player who needs this type of praise from his managers in order to get more motivated. Brazil has a massive task ahead of them for the upcoming Copa America next summer. If they want to win the second straight trophy, they will need the best Neymar they can get. It appears all those years at PSG have paid off for Neymar and the Brazil National Team’s benefit

‘Tite’ hails Neymar’s growth over the years. 

Just last season, there was an interesting debate taking place about Neymar as the world’s best player. This season has been more of the same until his most recent injury. There are many who think the Brazil international is already above Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi at the moment. ‘Tite’ certainly thinks this is the case after he voted his player as the best of 2020 with Lewandowski second and De Bruyne third.

During an interview with FIFA.com, this is what ‘Tite’ had to say about Neymar: “Neymar has matured a lot. Before, when he was at Barcelona and in my early days with the Seleção, he was a player who would be out on the wing, would score goals, had pace, would dribble, do individual plays. Now he’s expanded the area in which he plays and, as well as being a goalscorer, he creates plays for others. He’s now what we call a ‘bow and arrow’ – he can set things up and finish things off. He’s increased his arsenal.”