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BREAKING NEWS: Manchester United’s vice-chairman steps down

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In a shocking turn of events, Manchester United’s chairman just stepped down from his position amid European Super League pressure. 


Although Manchester United’s true villains are the Glazers, their vice-chairman was also part of the club’s recent misfortunes. Ed Woodward was only a pawn inside the team’s structure who only thought about the club’s business side. Several former players from the club, Sir Alex Ferguson, and all the fans opposed every action he took. His decision to support the European Super League was the last straw, he just stepped down from his position at the club.

According to talkSPORT, the now-former vice-chairman was confronted by Luke Shaw and Harry Maguire about his involvement in the Super League. Initially, his plan appeared to work perfectly until the events from the past hour. After Chelsea and Manchester City decided to step down from the whole project, Woodward’s position was in jeopardy. The Glazers can’t take defeat for an answer and they wanted heads to roll. Woodward was the one who needed to present his resignation after this fiasco. 

What’s next for Manchester United? 

Although it’s a long shot for the Red Devils, the supporters feel empowered enough to push the Glazer family out of the club. That’s the ultimate goal for Manchester United. Gary Neville started his campaign to make them leave England for good yesterday. With Ed Woodward’s resignation, this is a major first step in the right direction. Even though the Glazers will be hard to push out, today’s events prove it’s not impossible.


The following months will be massive for the club’s future and the Glazer family’s decisions. They now perfectly that no Man United supporters want them there, especially after their role in the Super League’s creation. When life comes at you fast, it can knock you out cold.