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BREAKING: The European Super League is on the brink of death

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After the recent report of Chelsea pulling out of the deal, the European Super League’s idea is reportedly on the brink of death. 

The European Super League might be on the brink of death before it’s even a reality. There are several reports of more clubs apart from Chelsea who are preparing the documentation to leave the deal. Florentino Perez’s Magnum Opus is not going as he initially planned it, he must be regretting his actions right now. After finding opposition all around the world, many of these clubs finally saw reason and decided against the Super League.

Although football triumphed over business today, don’t think Florentino will give up on this idea. He still has full support from Andrea Agnelli and the Glazer family to continue pushing for this notion. After Chelsea’s decision to leave the project, Manchester City quickly followed suit. Both of these English clubs are deciding to opt out. Whereas Liverpool, Manchester United, and Arsenal are still on board. But they are also starting to see the effects of their decision to support this idea, pressure might be too high to withstand. 

Spanish clubs are also on the brink of leaving. 

According to reports coming from Spain, Atletico Madrid is the first of the Spanish clubs considering their decision. As the modest side of the three clubs from Spain, the Colchoneros found opposition within their own ranks. Diego Simeone doesn’t agree with this new tournament and he extended his concerns to the board of directors. It is only a matter of time before the Colchoneros get out of the project as well.

As far as Barcelona goes, the club’s associates are demanding a vote on the Super League. Joan Laporta will leave this decision to them. If they vote against it, the Blaugrana will also leave the European Super League. And just like that, football’s competitive spirit triumphed over the business aspect of it. The battle is won for now, but the war is only getting started.