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BREAKING: Haaland opens up about the Barcelona rumors

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In the midst of a transfer rumor wave, Erling Haaland felt the need to come out and clarify his stance on the many clubs linked to him. 

Erling Haaland is currently one of the transfer market’s most talked-about players, he needed to speak up about all the noise. It’s no secret that giants such as Manchester United or FC Barcelona are trying to sign him for the upcoming summer window. But the young star knows how much he still needs to improve in order to take the next step in his career. If he goes too fast, there is a chance he might not live up to his full potential.

We’ve seen him make rookie mistakes during his short-lived Borussia Dortmund career. Although his numbers are already elite-class level, he still has a lot of room for improvement. The boy wonder is aware of what he needs in order to upgrade his skill set. Amidst all the rumors about his future away from German football, Haaland wanted to set the record straight. 

Erling Haaland knows his place at the moment. 

We just heard from him talking about the most recent episode in which he stormed off the pitch after Dortmund’s draw against FC Koln. The youngster realized he was disrespectful towards one of the rival’s player and he apologized for it. However, he also took some time to explain the truth about his future at the German club. During that statement, he also spoke about the long road ahead if he wants to reach Messi and Ronaldo’s levels.

But more importantly, he seems like he doesn’t enjoy the noise about his future. Talking to Norway’s TV2, Haaland said: “I still have three years of contract [at Dortmund]. I am not worried about that. I think only of myself, to improve my game every day. I don’t need to talk about Messi and Ronaldo, probably the best players in history. I still need a lot to reach them.”