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Breaking down Ronaldo vs Mbappe’s Nations League clash

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Ahead of the upcoming Nations League match between France and Portugal, we need to talk about the clash between Ronaldo and Mbappe. 

Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe are about to face each other in the UEFA Nations League on Sunday. We need to talk about two of the world’s best players and the significance behind this new confrontation between both players. Many years ago, a young Kylian visited the Real Madrid headquarters and took a picture with one of his biggest idols.

That’s right, the most exciting young player in the world has Cristiano as his biggest inspiration. We’ve seen that famous picture of a young Kylian inside a room filled with Ronaldo posters. There’s no shame in admitting who your heroes are, but Mbappe now gets to face him once again. Despite having a better record in direct confrontations, Ronaldo faces a major challenge against Mbappe on Sunday.

We have the two most prolific players in recent years, alongside Leo Messi. The French forward’s comparisons are more in line with Ronaldo than the Argentine, they play a more similar style. But we also need to talk about the impressive collective clash between two of the most competitive national teams in the world. 

A clash between Champions. 

Perhaps you forget but, this game is taking place between two reigning champions in their own right. Portugal is still the reigning European champion after the 2020 Euros were moved to 2021 due to the global pandemic. France is the current World Cup champion after beating Croatia at the 2018 final.

Only by looking at the roster of both sides, we can tell they are two of the most incredible national teams in recent history. Portugal has Ronaldo as the leader. They also have Bruno Fernandes, Joao Felix, and Bernardo Silva. But France is the one packing the biggest guns besides Mbappe.

They have Griezmann, Pogba, Giroud, Camavinga, Coman, Ben Yedder, and many more players who complete the real French golden generation. The main focus will be on Cristiano and Kylian, but this game has many players to choose from. It can be a spectacular clash between two incredible squads. The final result is hard to predict but we’ll give Mbappe the edge over Ronaldo.