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Breaking down Diogo Jota’s performance with Portugal

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It’s time to take a closer look at Diogo Jota’s amazing UEFA Nations League performance with Portugal against the Sweden National Team

Jürgen Klopp has done it again when he decided to sign Diogo Jota from the Portugal National Team. Today was the perfect day for him to prove he can be a top alternative for the day Cristiano Ronaldo decides to retire. The former Wolverhampton winger has taken massive leaps of improvement under Nuno Espirito Santo.

But today he made one final statement to the whole world, he is ready to take on a bigger challenge. We could see him completely involved in every aspect of Portugal’s attack while cutting to the middle from the right flank. He led pretty much every attack with Bernardo Silva and Joao Felix taking the backseat as he went to work.

During the first goal, Jota proved he can share the spoils of war by offering Bernardo an assist despite having a clear shot in front of Sweden’s goalie. That was only the beginning of his exhibition, Ronaldo must’ve been relaxed watching the game from his home in Turin. 

Jota’s double confirms Klopp’s great choice. 

Today also proves Jürgen Klopp right one more time. The German manager is adamant about making superstars instead of buying them, especially on the attack. He already proved this with his current attacking Liverpool trio formed by Mo, Sadio, and Bobby. Diogo Jota is another diamond in the rough who today proved he can become another world-beater.

The first goal he scored right before half-time proves it. Jota received a long-range pass from Cancelo and scored the goal without letting the ball hit the floor. A quick finish that only a few players in the world can produce with that level of accuracy. To end things on a high note, Jota scored a wonderful solo effort that showed some other skills he can produce as a winger from the left flank.

This was a stellar performance from a player who is only starting his brilliant career for Portugal. Ronaldo is going to have fun playing beside him over the next couple of years.