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BREAKING: Copa America has a massive Covid-19 outbreak

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According to troubling reports, the Copa America has a massive Covid-19 outbreak and Conmebol is doing nothing about it. 

This is not a drill, the Copa America has a massive Covid-19 outbreak that could potentially endanger the livelihood of players and staff. ESPN just reported that the Brazil Health Ministry just delivered a report on the Copa America infected individuals. Just yesterday, it was reported that a total of 41 players and staff tested positive. This number just shot up to 54 active cases that span across various national teams.

We all know the case of Venezuela with at least 12 members of the squad that tested positive. The Bolivian National Team just reported three more players that include striker Marcelo Moreno Martins. After testing positive for the second time since the pandemic started. The player issued a statement where he blamed Conmebol for this deplorable situation. Alongside Martins and his two teammates, a Bolivia coaching staff member also tested positive for the virus. 

Venezuela is in shambles upon arrival. 

The biggest concern is the Venezuela National Team, who already had 10 active cases that didn’t make the trip to Brazil. However, 15 more players were summoned to undergo further tests after eight of the squad members also tested positive upon arrival. Keep in mind that the Brazil National Team just played against Venezuela and they potentially got infected with the virus as well.

The next few days will be key to determine if the Copa America will continue or not. Thus far, Conmebol hasn’t made a single statement regarding this urgent matter. But we have a feeling that unless a major star such as Neymar, Luis Suarez, or Leo Messi get infected, they will remain silent. At this point, all Conmebol cares about is money and players risking their lives is secondary to them.