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BREAKING: Bundesliga will open its doors to fans next week

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In a turn of events, German authorities decided that the Bundesliga will be allowed to welcome fans back for the next six weeks. 

The Bundesliga will be the first major European competition to welcome fans back to the stadiums as soon as next weekend. German authorities from each state in the country have ruled in favor. They agreed to welcome back 20% of capacity of any event that hosts over 1,000 people.

This obviously includes all German stadiums and it will be considered a test run. The experiment will run for the next six weeks starting this weekend.

If after this time period there aren’t more than 35 infected people per 100,000 inhabitants. The country will continue to operate in this manner. This is how the German competition should become the first major example of how to run while this pandemic remains active. 

Each stadium in Germany will have different capacity according to their numbers. However, there is one specific match that will still happen behind closed doors due to a compelling reason. 

Bayern Munich vs Schalke 04, the Bundesliga exception.

That’s right, the German champions will still play behind closed doors at Allianz Arena this weekend. They host Schalke 04 in the Bundesliga’s opening match but they won’t be able to welcome fans just yet.

The reason for this is the level of contagion in the Baviera region, which is over 40 people per 100,000. As soon as this number goes down to below 35. Bayern Munich has decided to maintain their stadium closed. Should the number remain high. It’s clear that the club isn’t willing to risk getting the fans infected with the coronavirus. 

Would you attend any German stadium with a 20% capacity this weekend?