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Brazilian Government aims to interfere in the National Team

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After Tite’s incendiary statements about the Copa America, the Brazilian Government is aiming to interfere with the national team. 

Manager Tite is trying to get the Brazil National Team to step down from the Copa America organization due to the pandemic. To those who aren’t aware, this is the South American country that has been the least careful about the crisis. President Jair Bolsonaro has been wildly irresponsible by accepting Brazil as the host for a tournament that nobody wants to play. Tite is known for disliking the president. During the Copa America final when Brazil won the tournament, there are images of Tite refusing to shake Bolsonaro’s hand.

This issue is starting to escalate to a point of no return for TIte, whose job is in real danger. According to Globo Esporte, the CBF president won’t hesitate to sack the Brazil manager and appoint someone who actually likes Bolsonaro. Rogerio Caboclo made the decision to promise he would sack Tite next Tuesday at the latest in order to appoint Renato Gaúcho. According to the Brazilian news outlet, the new manager is a well-known Bolsonaro sympathizer. 

Why is Brazil silencing Tite?

The main plan for Brazil to organize the Copa America this summer has a political background written all over it. People at the highest spheres of the government are convinced that watching Neymar lifting the Copa America at Maracana Stadium in front of Bolsonaro is great of his political agenda. People in Brazil consider football a religion and winning this tournament means the world to most of them. This would help Bolsonaro boost his popularity with amongst the population of Brazil.

Since Tite is a clear opposer to the president, they obviously want him removed from his job. The issue here is to see how the Brazil players would react if this happens by next Tuesday. Surely most of them won’t accept this decision that is clearly coming from Bolsonaro himself. Also, the entire world would like to know where the other national teams stand with this possible decision from the CBF.