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Bartomeu defends himself from recent fraud accusations

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After the due diligence conducted by the current FC Barcelona board, Bartomeu attempted to defend himself from fraud accusations. 

Former president Bartomeu has been accused of different charges of fraud by the current FC Barcelona administration. President Laporta recently conducted a due diligence in which he describes the previous board’s wrongdoings. Until today, there hadn’t been any type of response from Bartomeu himself. But that changed today after the former president released a public statement in which he makes an attempt to defend his honor.

The bottom line of this statement is that the former president wasn’t able to accept any type of blame for the way in which the club has handled it. In fact, he not only blamed the global pandemic for the state of the institution. But he also flat out blames the current administration led by Joan Laporta. He is convinced that the president is the sole responsible for everything, not him. This comes at a time in which the Blaugranas have also been struggling with results on the pitch. 

Bartomeu’s detailed explanation to the world. 

In a public statement released by all the major Catalan outlets, here’s what former president Bartomeu had to say: “The Club has stopped earning a minimum of €330 Million in the 2020-21 financial year due to the pandemic. The proposed losses include €262 million for provisions and unusual impairments that LaLiga describes as atypical. The Board of Directors that closes the fiscal year is solely responsible for the financial results.

“The audited net debt, adjusted with Espai Barça, has been €558 million and not €1,350 million. In no case, nor at any time, has the Club been at risk of liquidation or dissolution.” As you can see from these bullet points, Bartomeu even dared to use actual numbers of the club’s economy. Up until now, there hasn’t been any response from Laporta but we are expecting one from him soon.