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Barnett clarifies Gareth Bale’s comments about Real Madrid

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In a recent interview for ESPN, Jonathan Barnet clarified Gareth Bale’s recent comments about Real Madrid and his intention to return. 

Gareth Bale took us all by surprise with a recent statement in which he insinuates he wants to return to Real Madrid. That’s really strange because we were under the impression that the Welshman wasn’t happy at all during his final months at the Spanish club. Today, he is enjoying himself both at Tottenham and Wales. However, it was also possible that Gareth could be expecting Zinedine Zidane to get sacked and return.

But in a recent interview with ESPN, Jonathan Barnet clarified Gareth Bale’s statements. He is convinced that it’s still too soon to talk about this subject: “It’s too early to know. Gareth’s words were taken completely out of context,” said the player’s agent. In hindsight, Barnett also has a poor relationship with Real Madrid and he doesn’t want his player to return. 

Could Gareth Bale remain at Tottenham? 

This strictly depends on Daniel Levy’s position on Gareth Bale’s wages and price. If he thinks Real Madrid is asking too much for him, there is no chance for him to remain at the club. In the past, Levy has been known for refusing to pay too much money for any player. Bale’s option was to either stay at Spurs or return to Real Madrid, but there are other alternatives.

If he ends the season in good form, there is a chance that other clubs are willing to pay for his transfer. Perhaps clubs such as PSG or AS Monaco might think about signing the Welshman. Jonathan Barnett will do everything in his power to prevent Gareth Bale from returning to Los Blancos again. Both of them went through some sour moments they don’t want to repeat.