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Barcelona already changed their mind with Dembele

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It took him almost four years, but Ousmane Dembele finally made FC Barcelona change their mind about him in recent weeks. 

Ousmane Dembele has gone from a total reject to one of the most important players at FC Barcelona. In fact, he is the one who replaced Leo Messi’s speed on the wings but he suffered too many injuries until this season. Something suddenly clicked as soon as Ronald Koeman arrived and Ousmane started getting results. There is still no clear information about the method he used in order to get his career back on track. But whatever he is doing, Ousmane Dembele is finally living up to his potential.

When he started out at Borussia Dortmund. The French winger seemed like he could become an absolute world-beater with his dribbling skills. He is even considered on par with Kylian Mbappe at the French National Team. The PSG star considers him vital as an offensive partner. Joan Laporta already caught wind of this and decided to start making moves in order to prevent him from leaving. 

A new contract offer for Dembele. 

According to Sport, FC Barcelona is already making a new contract extension document for Ousmane Dembele to sign for three more years. Before the end of the season, their plan is to seal a new deal for the young player and prevent him from leaving. Funny how things can drastically change in the span of a few months. Nobody believed in the young player when he misbehaved all those times and when he kept getting injured.

Today, he is not only back to his best form but he is absolutely vital to FC Barcelona’s future. As long as Joan Laporta remains at FC Barcelona, the club will sell other players before they decide to sell Ousmane Dembele. All the hope remains on the players staying away from more injuries in order to properly become one of the best players in the world.