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Ousmane Dembele unusual passion for Bielsa and Leeds United

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In a recent interview, it was revealed that Ousmane Dembele has an unusual passion for Leeds United and Marcelo Bielsa from a distance. 

Ousmane Dembele has to be one of the most random football stars out there, he has a strange passion for Leeds United. It all happened during a Patrick Bamford interview on the Leeds United Podcast. The striker revealed that teammate Illan Meslier asked him for a signed jersey for the FC Barcelona star. Initially, Bamford didn’t believe it was happening so he asked for his own signed jersey in return.

Dembele is currently on international duty alongside Meslier and he keeps asking about Leeds. It appears that the French forward has a special predilection for both Bamford and Marcelo Bielsa. We can’t say that we blame him as both of them and the club are a perfect fit. Leeds has an inexplicable cult following that has prevailed for decades. The same happens with Bielsa and his ability to win people over through his philosophy.

Bamford’s revelation in detail. 

During the Leeds United Podcast, this is what Pjanic said: “Meslier is actually unreal. He’s so funny as well because he’s really down to earth, but when he’s taking the p***, he pretends like he’s really big time, pretending that he’s too big time to take shots against in goal. He is funny, he’s a good guy. He’s got me a present, actually. He FaceTimed me the other day at midnight, I was in bed, and bear in mind that France are an hour ahead and he’s away with the national team.

“After the Fulham game, he was like: ‘I need your shirt please’ and I said: ‘Who for?’ and he said: ‘Dembele, the guy from Barcelona’. I was like: ‘What? He wants my shirt’, he said: ‘Yeah, he wants yours and Kalvin’s shirt. He’s a massive fan of Leeds, he watches every game’. I said: ‘You serious?’ and he said: ‘Yeah’, so I said that he has to get me his shirt in return. He FaceTimed me at midnight the other day with a Barcelona shirt that said: ‘To my bro Bamford, from Dembele’. That was quite cool. I’m hoping it was Dembele (who wrote it), it’s a Barca shirt with his signature. I don’t want to start a rumour, but I might scribble on the shirt: ‘See you soon’.”