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Atletico Madrid star reveals his struggles with COVID-19

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After getting past the COVID-19 hell, one of Atletico Madrid’s most important players revealed his struggles with the disease.  

COVID-19 has taken many professional athletes by surprise, it also hit Atletico Madrid as it has with many other clubs. Diego Simeone was infected with the virus. Some players were infected as well. One of these footballers is defender, Jose Maria Gimenez.

There was a moment from a couple of weeks ago that left everybody puzzled. He left the training grounds in a hurry as the club revealed he was leaving for personal reasons. However, the truth was that he tested positive for COVID-19 on that same morning.

Josema immediately went into isolation as you do when you get this virus. It took him a little over two weeks to recover from it but he finally returned to practice today. The defender spoke to the club’s communication department about the struggles he went through during quarantine. 

Josema is ready to start the season with Atletico.  

During an interview with the club, Gimenez said: “It was okay after a while in lockdown, it’s now over and I can get back to practice with my teammates. I was fortunate. Now I have to prepare well and fast for what’s coming. Training at home is not the same as doing it with your teammates. 

“I didn’t have a pitch for practice, I couldn’t do much at home. The family is okay and only I was infected. I tried to not go out of my room and remain locked up at all times. That’s what prevented me from training properly. 

“I’m getting rhythm little by little, it is harder during the first days but you begin finding your best form as the days go by. I was already in form during the pre-season and we remain getting ready in order to be strong when the international break is over. 

“The group is working well, you can tell they are motivated and hopeful for this season. We came here to help and that’s important, the group is very close. That’s our biggest strength. We are going to start playing all the competitions together and we need to be ready. There will be important matches that we need to win. The plan is to get ready in order to face them in the best possible manner.”