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Antoine Griezmann’s hard way back into Atletico’s good graces

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Even though Diego Simeone wanted him back, getting back into Atletico Madrid supporters’ good graces will be hard for Antoine Griezmann. 

Antoine Griezmann made a choice a few years back when he decided to leave Atletico Madrid for FC Barcelona. He made a whole spectacle out of his exit and he even played some of the club’s board directors. By making them think he was going to renew his contract, Antoine was saving himself without thinking about the repercussions this might bring. Usually, Atletico fans don’t hold a grudge against players who leave the club to play at FC Barcelona.

Historically, only players like Hugo Sanchez were deeply hated by the supporters for going to play to their most hated rival: Real Madrid. But the way Griezmann fooled everybody seems unforgivable for many of the club’s supporters. Now that he returns to the club with the tail between his legs, it’s time for some atonement. Griezmann knows exactly what he needs to do in order to change the perception most people have about him. But doing this won’t be easy as his road to redemption begins today. 

Griezmann faces FC Porto on his return to the UCL. 

Metropolitano Stadium might get us a chance to watch Griezmann playing alongside Luis Suarez one more time. If Diego Simeone’s plans work as he envisions, Atletico Madrid has the potential to become one of the top clubs in Europe this season. Griezmann needs to start scoring goals as soon as possible in order to help all supporters forget about his betrayal.

There are many plaques outside Metropolitano Stadium that tend to get dirty, those are the ones of players who aren’t liked by the supporters. If he wants his plaque free from any dirt, he needs to start delivering results today. There’s a good chance he will play from the start alongside Luis Suarez on the attack. Both stars have a chance to become one of the deadliest duos in European football this season. Let’s see if Griezmann can overcome these obstacles.