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Andres Iniesta reveals his plans for the future after retiring

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During a recent interview, Andres Iniesta surprised everybody by revealing his plans for the immediate future after he retires from football. 

We’ve all seen the moment in which Andres Iniesta makes the decision to retire from football, but we had no idea what he would do next. For many, the obvious route for a player this smart is to eventually become a manager. But Iniesta didn’t have it as clear as he does today, especially with all the family businesses he owns. Apart from his vineyards in Fuentealbilla, Iniesta also owns a couple more businesses managed by his family.

But Iniesta doesn’t want to stop working in football once he decides to hang up his boots as a player. As it turns out, Andres also wants to study to someday become a professional manager. We can definitely see him wearing a fancy suit during a Champions League match on the sidelines. Although, there is still no way to know if he will be any good at that job. In a recent interview with Goal, Iniesta spoke about his plans and some details about FC Barcelona’s present. He also told the world about his intentions to someday return to his beloved club. 

Iniesta would love to return to Barcelona. 

Here’s what Iniesta told Goal: “There are days when you think about wanting to train, others when you don’t … I don’t know. Being active it is difficult for me to visualize something. Yes it is true that I have to think about it and see what possibilities there are. What I would like, and what I think I will do, is get the title of coach. Making long-term plans is complicated because you don’t know what capacities you will have to do one thing or another, the place where you can be, the people who will be in that place to count on you or not.

“I would like to be linked to football because it is my life, it has been and I hope it continues to be otherwise. It is not what I see myself in, but whether these variants occur or not. If the time came, it would be valued. What I can tell you is that I would love to return to Barça, it is very clear. But not because he has been there playing, because of his surname. But because he can be useful and have the ability to help Barça in another area. That I would like.”