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Andres Iniesta hopes he can return to Barcelona someday

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As part of an interview with One Soccer, Andres Iniesta denied his return to Barcelona as a player but confirmed his plans after retirement. 


Andres Iniesta might be one of the players Barcelona misses the most right now. His time at Vissel Kobe has proven that staying at the Catalan club might’ve been a good idea for the younger generations. Having one of the best players in Spanish football history by your side during the twilight of his career must be a unique experience.

The board of directors at the Catalan club treated Iniesta as they’ve treated several other legends. It’s the same way in which they treated Xavi Hernandez or Luis Suarez right now. But Andres holds no grudges against the club. He knows that despite the people who manage it, FC Barcelona will remain his home for all eternity.

In fact, the man has plans for the future at the institution that helped him become what he is today. Andres still doesn’t have a clear idea of what he’ll do after hanging up his boots, but he certainly knows that it will be football-related. 


Iniesta will remain in Kobe, for now…

When asked about the new generation and the chance of going back to play his final years at Barcelona, Iniesta refused to return. 

“My moment is gone and the future is still unclear for me,” said Iniesta on OneSoccer.

“Barcelona is my home, I’ve been there for many years and I hope I can someday return in any capacity. Football can take you everywhere and trying to see myself in the future is difficult. But I definitely wish to return someday. 


“I love Japan. My idea is to remain here for a while. I still have a year left on my contract and the next one too. After that, I don’t know what the future holds but the idea is to remain here.” 

It certainly would’ve been nice watching Iniesta play in Barcelona throughout his entire career. But the club’s management has always been under par and far from legendary players such as Don Andres.