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Aguero explains why he rejected Leo Messi’s number ‘10’

Sergio Aguero, FC Barcelona
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Ahead of FC Barcelona’s upcoming Champions League match, Sergio Aguero revealed the reason he rejected wearing Messi’s #10. 

Sergio Aguero came to FC Barcelona with the sole plan to play alongside Leo Messi but he found an unpleasant surprise. Upon arrival, everything happened quickly as his good friend suddenly decided to leave and play for PSG. Aguero had only one choice to make after this because he signed his contract before the big news. The Argentine could’ve easily broken his contract and played somewhere else. But rejecting the opportunity to play at FC Barcelona is not a smart move.

Fortunately, Aguero realized this quickly and made the decision to stay. After that, another major decision was about to happen for him. Once Leo left, his mythical number ‘10’ was suddenly free. Many of the club’s veterans asked him to take the number but the Manchester City legend refused. He decided to take the number ‘19’, a number he used with the Argentina National Team several times in the past. Until today, we didn’t really know why Aguero decided to refuse the number. 

Aguero explains his decision to the press. 

Now that he is completely recovered from the lengthy injury he suffered, Sergio Aguero has a major chance to play tomorrow. Camp Nou will open its doors to receive Dynamo Kyiv on Wednesday. ‘Kun’ spoke to members of the press about the decision to reject the number ‘10’. During his speech, he also praised Ansu Fati’s skills and revealed how much he trusts the youngster.

Here’s what Aguero said as per FC Barcelona’s website: “I chose number 19 because it was available, and I wear it with the Argentina national team. The players asked me to take the No.10, but I refused. In fact, the No.10 looks good on Ansu Fati. Ansu is still a young player and it is difficult to stay at a high level all the time. As experienced players, we do our best to help the youngsters. Ansu has a lot of talent and he trains a lot. We are fortunate that he is in Barcelona.”