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A fuming Conte explains why he got sent-off against Udinese

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After getting sent-off against Udinese, Antonio Conte explained the reason the referee showed him a red card during Inter’s draw on Saturday. 

Antonio Conte got a little too heated up during today’s Serie A match against Udinese. Things got so serious that he started screaming at the referee and he got sent-off for it. Despite getting a draw this evening with no goals, the Nerazzurri still got a little closer to the top of the table. AC Milan’s recent defeat against Atalanta gave all their rivals a chance to get closer to them, including Conte’s Inter Milan.

Both clubs from Milano played at the same time, which meant Conte was aware of AC Milan’s result as it was taking place. Frustration started getting the best of him as he realized his players were lacking the skill to score the goals they needed against their rival. Naturally, Conte started showing his usual explosive self when he felt the referee was unfair to his squad. 

Conte reveals why he got booted off the game. 

“We had a disagreement over the amount of stoppages awarded,” Conte told Sky Sport Italia. “The referee booked me and then chose to send me off. I thought four minutes weren’t enough, in the circumstances. Then the referee makes his decisions and we have to accept them, even if we do not agree with those decisions. As I always say, we need to think only of ourselves. We mustn’t think about Milan and their defeat. The team just needs to focus on improving our performances and results.

“We could’ve been more precise today and lacked quality in the final ball. When we put crosses in, we usually have four players push into the box. That’s usually the intent, then it’s about the accuracy of the cross. For instance, Nicolò Barella’s cross was what created the goal for Arturo Vidal against Juventus. You need both the cross and to get bodies into the box.”