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Alexandru Chipciu

Alexandru Ionita

Alexandru Pascanu

Alexandru Paun

Andrei Burca

Andrei Joca

Andrei Radu

Billel Omrani


Catalin Golofca

Catalin Itu

Ciprian Ioan Deac

Claudiu Petrila

Cristian Balgradean

Cristian Manea

Damjan Djokovic

Denis Ciobotariu

Gabriel Debeljuh

Giannis Kontoes

Grzegorz Sandomierski

Ionut Rus

Jakub Vojtus

Luis Aurelio

Mario Rondon

Mateo Susic

Michael Pereira

Mihai Bordeianu

Mihai Butean

Mike Cestor

Otto Hindrich

Ovidiu Hoban

Paulo Vinicius

Raul Haiduc

Razvan Andronic

Sebastian Mailat

Valentin Costache

Yacouba Sylla

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This is it! Following up from last weeks’ poll, we are down to the last 20 candidates for the most overrated football player of all time – but who will go down as the winner?