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Zlatan reveals which Ronaldo is the best footballer ever

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In his most recent interview, Zlatan Ibrahimovic revealed which of the three players named Ronaldo is the best in football history.

Ronaldo is a blessed name that three of the best in football history bear, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic only has one favorite from the three. Even though he shared the most time with Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan’s choice might surprise more than one. The Portuguese star might bring out a certain level of disdain in the Swedish forward because he always lost important games against him.

Ronaldinho won the Serie A next to him a decade ago, which means they have great memories together. All players with that name deserve a spot amongst the best footballers who ever lived. But for Zlatan there is only one player who is even better than the likes of Messi, Pele, or Diego Maradona. If you followed Ibrahimovic throughout his career, you might already guess who we are talking about. 

For Zlatan, there’s only one Ronaldo. 

There’s a famous video of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s days at Inter Milan, which was right around the time Ronaldo Nazario returned to Italy. Back then, the famous striker played for AC Milan during a Milano Derby. In that video, you can see Zlatan’s admiration for the Brazilian legend. Now that he gets a chance to respond, it’s no surprise who the best player in history he picked: “I don’t need to describe Ronaldo, ‘The Phenomenon’,” said Zlatan on Discovery Plus.

“I always say you have the players that play the game, and the players that are the game. For me, Ronaldo is the game. When you watch him play, everyone wanted to play like him and become like him. The way he was moving, the way he did his stepovers, the way he did ‘the snake’. The way he was moving, for me he’s the greatest player through history, no doubt.”