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Zlatan has no patience for his younger AC Milan teammates

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As he goes through the twilight of his career, Zlatan Ibrahimovic opened up about the little patience he has for his young AC Milan teammates. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic doesn’t have time or patience for his youngest AC Milan teammates as he goes through the twilight of his career. The man is pushing 40 years of age and he wants to win one last major title before calling it quits. Although the season started well for AC Milan, his teammates are beginning to let him down with poor performances in recent weeks. After losing the most recent Milano Derby and the top of the Serie A table, Zlatan wanted to send his teammates a stern warning.

It’s clear that the Swedish legend isn’t playing around as his teammates attempt to please him. Ibra is used to playing next to some of the biggest players in modern history and he won’t take anything below perfection. Whether it’s during practice or in official matches, Zlatan always demands 110% from his teammates. 

Ibra has no more time to waste at AC Milan. 

In an interview with Discovery Plus, this is what Zlatan said: “When you play at this level, it’s the same pressure, it doesn’t matter who you are. If you are here, then you deserve to be here and nobody is meant to wait around for you. I don’t care if you are young or not, there’s no time to waste at Milan. You have to play well now. If I don’t play well, Milan will sign another striker, it’s the same for everyone. Obviously, off the field it’s different. If you are Rafael Leao, I’ll take to you in a certain way, if you’re Simon Kjaer and more mature, you’ve got kids, obviously it’s different.

“But on the pitch, we are all the same. When I came to Italy for the first time, I had teammates who saw me as a young kid who brought energy and adrenaline. They were all-stars who had won important trophies and been at the top for some time. This new generation, you just have to play well for five minutes and you’re seen as a great player. I am happy to be from the old school of doing things. You have to prove yourself before you can be praised.”