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Zinedine Zidane’s reject reveals why he left Real Madrid

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During an interview with ‘El Larguero’, one of Zinedine Zidane’s rejects felt the need to speak up about the way in which he left Real Madrid. 

Zinedine Zidane’s list of rejects at Real Madrid is a tad long for anybody’s taste. There are several good players who are currently shining with their respective clubs but they weren’t good enough for the French manager. This is a set of decisions that many of the club’s supporters don’t understand. As far as the players go, some have been vocal about their exit from the club and other have been more silent.

One of the footballers who was going through a great moment last season is Sergio Reguilon. He was fresh out of an impressive season with Sevilla and expected to earn his spot under Zidane’s tutelage. But the French manager clearly wanted to keep Marcelo and Mendy in that position. When the offer from Mourinho’s Tottenham came, he had to make a choice. 

Reguilón never asked Zidane for any explanations. 

Now that he is living large at Tottenham Hotspur, Reguilon feels confident enough to speak up about his experience with Zidane. This far, he’s played two Europa League matches and three Premier League games under Mourinho. It’s safe to assume he will be important for the Spurs this season. But we all want to know if he had any type of conversation with ‘Zizou’, it turns out he didn’t. 

“I’ve always said this,” said Reguilon on ‘El Larguero’. “Madrid is my home. That’s where I grew up and you never now what can happen in the future. But the possibility is always there. I never had a conversation with the gaffer. All of this came from the club. I already know what the people at the club feel about me.

“I’m aware they were very happy and satisfied with my work. But I had to make a call in the end because there comes a point in your career when you need a place to play. Until today, I am happy with the decision I made and time will tell what happens. I never felt the need to go to the gaffer’s office and ask for an explanation. Everybody has their opinions and tastes, I will always respect that. All I can do is to keep growing.”