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Zidane snaps one more time at a reporter to defend his players

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Ahead of Real Madrid’s upcoming Champions League match, Zinedine Zidane snapped to a reporter once again to defend his players. 

Zinedine Zidane’s biggest struggles this season have been directly linked to his players’ lack of performance when it matters the most. However, the Frenchman’s style has always been to defend his players against any critic who is coming after them.

For the most recent press conference, there were two players on reporters’ questions. One is Eden Hazard after suffering a fresh injury. The other one was Marco Asensio for his low level of performance in recent months. Eden is going through another tough moment as we just found out he might not play another football match in 2020.

Asensio’s case is slightly different as he’s been struggling to find his best form after suffering a serious knee injury. For Zidane, both players are doing well but media criticism doesn’t help them overcome their problems.

Zidane’s defense of Hazard and Asensio. 

During the press conference, a journalist from AS questioned Zidane about Eden Hazard’s state of mind after another injury setback. He hinted at the Belgian star suffering depression for not coming out of these injury issues. ‘Zizou’ also defended Asensio for not finding his best form after the injury yet. 

“Of course not, Eden Hazard is very strong. This is nothing but another injury for him and it’s not good for us. But these are things that keep happening in other clubs and we have to hold our ground. We have many injured players, as many other clubs do. But Hazard is strong. I have no doubts about the player he is and what he wants to accomplish here. 

“He’s going through a rough time lately and we are going to help him. What you need to do with Asensio is to stop saying what he has to do. You need to let him play. He needs to recover his football little by little. Marco has been trying to recover from this injury for a year.”