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Zidane reveals his plans for two Real Madrid veterans

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Ahead of next weekend’s La Liga match against Atletico Madrid, Zinedine Zidane revealed his stance on two of his most prominent veterans. 

Real Madrid has several veterans within the squad that have given their lives for their club over the years. Zinedine Zidane never stopped trusting most of them because they almost always responded to any challenge the gaffer gave them. Today, these players are looking like they might leave the club next season. However, ‘Zizou’ wanted to let them know he will always trust them regardless of their current situation.

It’s been a tough year for Real Madrid and these two players in particular. We are talking about Marcelo and Isco Alarcon. Both players were almost always considered vital for Zidane’s plans to fight for trophies in the past. In today’s landscape, none of them are considered as important as before but the gaffer will always have a place for them in his heart. 

Zidane’s support towards Isco and Marcelo. 

Ahead of Real Madrid’s match against Atletico Madrid, Zidane wanted to let the world know that he still trusts his players. This is a tactic that has worked for the manager in the past. Talking up his players in order to get a reaction from them on the pitch. 

While talking to Marca, Zidane said: “What we want in every game, every three days, is to show the team we are, without thinking about winning the league. Every game we want to win, like the competitors we are… We’ are league champions and we want to defend what we won last year.”

“No, not at all. I’ll always have [faith in them],” he added. “It is true they haven’t played much recently, but I’ll count on them. They have always shown the players they are, what they have done here.”