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Zidane reacts to his chances of coaching France someday

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During today’s press conference, Zinedine Zidane responded to the possibility of coaching the France National Team in the future. 

Zinedine Zidane actually has a good chance to coach France if he leaves Real Madrid and there’s an opening. The French Football Federation’s president, Noel Le Graet, just confirmed ‘Zizou’ is at the top of his list. Even though he just started his career as a manager, Zidane already did so much in order to be considered as the possible manager of his country. Le Graet believes he has a good relationship with the Real Madrid manager and he is the first to call if Didier Deschamps were to leave the job. But until today, we hadn’t heard from the man himself.

Members of the press asked ‘Zizou’ about the chance to someday coach his beloved country, he finally decided to respond today. It’s’ no secret Zidane is arguably one of the most beloved figures in French football history. He is even above what Michel Platini once represented during the ‘80s decade. With two World Cup finals under his belt as a player, ‘Zizou’ definitely wants to be part of that select group of individuals who won the two greatest trophies in football history as a player and a manager. 

What does Zidane think about coaching France? 

During today’s press conference, Sport picked up the response to a question related to the chance of getting the call from Le Great someday. ‘Zizou’ confirmed he is currently at Real Madrid but he wasn’t able to hide his smile when they asked him the question about someday coaching France. “I’ve known Noel Le Great for many years and we have a great relationship,” he said. “Coaching the France National Team can be my objective, it can definitely be one of the things I do in the future.

“Today, I’m at Real Madrid and I need to think about what I do here. These are the chances I have and I’m a die-hard Real Madrid supporter. It’s been 20 years for me here. This is the club that gave me a chance and I’m enjoying it at the moment. This is something I like, something I feel passionate about. I love talking about football and enjoying football. I’m here right now but I don’t know what might happen in the future. If you work somewhere today right now, that doesn’t mean you know if you’ll go somewhere else later.”