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Zidane gets praised for his success from the highest order

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After his impressive achievement against Liverpool, Zinedine Zidane just got praised by the highest order earlier on Wednesday. 

Zinedine Zidane keeps surprising people from the highest order, he just got some unexpected praise from a major name in football. When the season started at Real Madrid, the same type of rhetoric kept emerging about the Frenchman’s good fortune. As the season progressed, we all started to witness the manager side of ‘Zizou’. He began making decisions that would affect the club’s performance in a positive way.

Tactically, this has been the most impressive campaign from the gaffer. With more than half of his players getting injured throughout the season, he needed to make the necessary adjustments in order to thrive. Now that he is installed in the Champions League semifinals, ‘Zizou’ is finally getting the praise he always deserved. Even from the highest order. 

Capello is in awe of Zidane. 

Fabio Capello is arguably one of the most successful managers in football history. He isn’t remembered as such due to his pragmatic style of play. But he pretty much always won a title for every squad he ever coached. Getting praised by him is a tough task, but Zidane earned Capello’s respect as he told Sky Sport: “Zidane proves once again that he is a manager capable of taking everybody to their max. This leadership gift tends to come from the day you are born. The boys played well and ‘Zizou’ told them how to do it.

“He made them remain calm and with a unique strength. With that humility and no public, everybody needs to beware of Real Madrid. They are a mix of quality and there’s also a lack of important players on the defense. Having that player who can give you an extra will be important. Also for the future. An important investment for the future. All the clubs with top quality players are ahead. Now, we will see which one is stronger.”