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Women’s Euros: Can England avenge Euro 2009 defeat against Germany?

Jill Scott at England
Getty Images

The Lionesses will meet Germany in another continental final this weekend.

England have developed into a completely new team since their defeat against Germany in the Euro 2009 final, according to Lionesses star Jill Scott.

Scott is the only member of England’s current squad that played against Germany that night. 

The Lionesses suffered a 6-2 defeat as they missed out on the title. However, Scott believes Germany will face a much-improved England on Sunday.

Speaking ahead of the Euro 2022 final, the England star said: “When you speak about 2009, we knew Germany were ahead of us in a lot of ways in terms of where football was at in their country.

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“We knew it was a massive task in front of us. We did take a beating that day and we knew it was going to be so difficult to win that game. 

“Since then you’ve seen the team reach quarter finals, semi finals and the FA’s really focused on the women’s team.

“We got the central contracts in 2009 and from there they invested a lot of money in the WSL so I think it’s been a process to get to this level.”

He added: “This is for everyone on Sunday, absolutely everybody. 

“The volunteers that just went and helped out at a local girls’ team, the ones that are still doing it, the ones that just love the game. 

“I see reporters in here and they’ve been there for the past 16 years, and they just do it for the love of the game.”