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Why Inter Miami wear pink jerseys?

Lionel Messi at Inter Miami
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Inter Miami’s transition to pink jerseys signifies more than a mere change in color.

In the world of football, a jersey is more than just a uniform; it’s a statement and a symbol of identity. For Inter Miami, the recent shift to pink jerseys signifies a fresh start after a challenging initial period in Major League Soccer (MLS).

The white and black jerseys worn during the first two seasons seemed fitting for a club that struggled to live up to its early promise, facing delays and disappointments in their journey.

A Delayed Gratification

Inter Miami’s journey was marred by delays and setbacks. It took six years for club founder David Beckham to establish the team, find a home ground, and put together a competitive squad. The initial excitement surrounding the club was dampened by subpar performances, a coaching shakeup, and a breach of league rules resulting in fines and budget cuts. The discrepancy between the vibrant pink brand introduced in 2018 and the standard black and white jerseys was a tangible representation of unfulfilled expectations.

However, a new era is dawning for Inter Miami under the leadership of coach Gerardo Martino and sporting director Chris Henderson. With a revamped squad and more investment, the club aims to leave behind the struggles of the past and embrace a rose-colored reset.

Going Pink

After a two-year wait, Inter Miami unveiled their long-anticipated pink jersey, making them the only major American pro or college team to truly showcase this distinctive color. The “Heartbeat Kit,” adorned with a subtle EKG graphic on the cuffs, aims to create a bold and striking visual identity for the team. The decision to go all-pink reflects the club’s commitment to standing out and owning their unique brand.

Mike Ridley, Inter’s Senior VP of Brand and Marketing, emphasized the significance of the color, stating, “If you’re going to own it, own it. I think all-pink is going to be very striking, and you’re not going to miss us, that’s for sure.”

Beckham’s Vision for Inter Miami

Despite initial skepticism, Beckham insisted on embracing pink as the primary color for the club, a decision rooted in his deep connection to Miami’s vibrant culture. Reflecting on his choice, Beckham told the Times, “Drive around Miami and it’s a very recurring color. At the time a lot of people were saying ‘don’t go for pink.’ I was the one who said it has to be the main color. So that was me. I’m actually very proud of it. I am glad I held my nerve and pushed it through.”

Beckham’s vision for Inter Miami has transcended the jersey, as evidenced by the signing of Lionel Messi, showcasing the MLS club’s intention to become a global brand. The impact of Messi on and off the pitch has turned Inter Miami’s pink jersey into one of the most sought-after in the world.