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Why do football players like to play in online casinos?

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Football players are known to earn millions every season just for doing what they do best and with obligations that come with a professional football career, it seems unlikely that many of them have a side interest.

However, despite long hours of training, travelling to away games, and spending time in quarantines many professional footballers find the time to relax and entertain themselves in various ways. One of the most popular pastimes among modern-day gladiators is online casino gambling, and in this article, we’re going to analyze what makes online casinos so popular for football players around the world.

Online casinos offer privacy

Football players are public figures that attract the interest of both newspapers’ companies and regular people. It’s all but impossible for a player like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo to get out of their apartment and stroll the street without a detailed report of their walk being published in tabloids. Going out to a brick-and-mortar casino for a few spins and drinks with friends could even end up with negative press and consequentially jeopardize the player’s public image.

Online casino venues, on the other hand, allow users to create their username, which helps to protect everyone’s privacy. Some platforms don’t even require signing up to play which further increases the latency of those who wish to test their luck and win some cash without being recognized by others. Football teams pay a lot of attention to the preservation of their status, so having a player bashed in a newspaper for spending money on gambling or having a player displayed as a gambling addict based on one photo is something that team owners struggle to prevent.

Most football superstars don’t play to earn money, rather pass the time or feed their competitive nature, so it’s quite possible for you to share the poker table at one of those 5 pound minimum deposit casinos with a multiple Champions League winner and strip them of all their deposit. This is important for football players because the last thing anyone wants is to get stormed by fans when they’re out to have some fun with their friends or on their own.

Online casinos offer diversity

While most online casinos have the ability to provide hundreds of different gambling games, physical casinos usually don’t have the capacity to store as much hardware to compete with the offer of online venues. Also, in conventional casinos, you have to switch between chips and coins depending on the game you choose to, which could be a drag, especially if you’re caught in the moment. The online environment makes switching between different types of games a breeze and requires no walking down the long isles or waiting for a place at a table. You could be throwing dice at one moment and enjoying a live poker game in just a matter of seconds.

With the advent of online sportsbooks, many online casino platforms provide users with the chance to bet on diverse sporting events. As professional athletes, football players have a profound knowledge of numerous sports competitions, and they could put their expertise to the test by betting on different sporting events in case they get tired of dice, slots, or video poker.

In the online arena, you could even utilize bonuses to deposit $5 play with 50 dollars’ worth of cash, and switch between different types of games without any trouble. Speaking of currency, online casinos provide more freedom in terms of money you can deposit and wager on. Most online gambling sites allow players to deposit money disregarding which currency they own on their credit card. A player from England could own British Pounds and still bet online using USD or some other currency.

Online casinos save time

Going to a casino to blow off some steam after a long day is not as easy for professional football players as it might be for someone else. Many European countries don’t allow gambling and taking a trip to Monte Carlo just to roll some dice is not manageable for football professionals that need to get up early in the morning and attend a training session with the rest of the team. On the other side, turning your laptop on and visiting an online casino takes just a few moments. Moreover, with numerous auto-play options, you can let the reels turning as you get up and get yourself a drink or a snack.

With mobile devices getting more and more popular, online casino games are being developed to provide a comfortable gambling experience on your phone. Mobile-friendly online casinos allow their visitors to enjoy gambling on the go, regardless of where they are at the moment. This is extremely useful for football players as they have the chance to entertain themselves as they travel to an away game.

Moreover, in case the manager is calling you to a quick meeting during the flight or while you’re in pre-game quarantine, it’s easy to just leave your phone and continue your gambling session later. It’s not easy nurturing your passion for gambling when you know you could be called by your agent or team manager at any time for any reason. Therefore, online casinos come as a way to enjoy your favorite pastime and still be in control of every minute of your precious time.


Spending time at an online casino is not just reserved for those of us who wish to make an extra buck by putting our luck to the test, it’s also a place where we can have fun and experience excitement safely. There are numerous other reasons why football players enjoy online gambling, we decide to present those that we think are the most impactful. As fun and exciting as online gambling might be, it’s important to remember always to gamble responsibly and never wager more than you can afford to lose.

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