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Who are some of the best London teams in the Premier League this season?

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The Premier League this season is no doubt going to come with some level of unpredictability.

There are a few different reasons for this. For instance, the World Cup is making it so there will be a break in the middle of the season. This means that fixtures are being rushed and several different teams need to play 2 games in the same week. Players are more prone to injury due to this, and teams not having enough recovery time can be a massive factor when it comes to their overall performance.

As such, even after just a few weeks of playing, there have been several shock upsets, unexpected victories, and unfathomable defeats. There is no doubt that London teams are going to cause a particular disturbance in the Premier League this season as they continue to be a threat to teams out there. So, with this in mind, which London teams should we be keeping an eye on this season? This article is going to discuss them in a bit more detail as we go around England’s capital and pick out the best teams on offer now.


As one of the highest-ranking London teams last season, there is no doubt that Tottenham are ones to watch for this new season as well. They have certainly had a good start to the season, and with a roster containing the likes of England captain Harry Kane as well as Son, there is no doubt that Tottenham are going to cause problems for several different teams in the Premier League this season.


You tend to find that when a team has newly been promoted to the Premier League, their aim isn’t necessarily to finish anywhere in particular in the table, so long as they have not finished in the bottom three. That being said, Fulham have no reason to not aim higher than that this season as they find themselves in a strong position at the moment. They have already managed to win a number of their first few games, and thanks to having good management behind them and a strong starting line-up, they pose a threat to plenty of different teams in the league this year.

Not only that but thanks to their new sponsor from the gambling industry – one that often sponsors sporting events and teams – the team finds themselves in a good position in terms of funding. Football teams being sponsored by a gambling company is pretty standard and an excellent way to build up the funds they need for a successful season, but why is it such a typical course of action?

Why Gambling Sponsors?

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Yes, Chelsea haven’t exactly had the best start to the new season, but that is hardly a reason to rule them out just yet. Chelsea are regarded as one of the most successful clubs in London and when you have a look back throughout their history and understand exactly how much they have achieved in their time as a club, this is hard to argue with. They still have a good side, plenty of funding, and a large fan base behind them, which is enough for any team to go and motivate themselves to begin churning out positive results. Not only that, but thanks to their most recent signing of the successful Brighton manager Potter, there is nothing at all getting in the way of Chelsea and stopping them from being just as successful this year as they have been previously.


Only recently in a game against Manchester have Arsenal experienced their first-ever defeat of the season. It is one of the best starts that they have ever had, and this is a clear reflection of how far the team has come in recent years. Arsenal find themselves in a great position moving forward and are no doubt going to be a tough match-up for anyone who faces them in the upcoming months. There is no doubt that when the above teams all go against each other in this season’s battle to be the best in London, Arsenal will likely be placed as a lot of people’s favorites.