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Which football players are likely to grant you winning bets in 2022?

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When betting on a particular sport, you want to have some idea whether what you’re doing is the correct route to be taking.

Different people handle sports betting differently, and while some may focus on specific teams, you might find that your approach is geared more towards individual players. Of course, the nature of these bets can vary, but you’ll want to know who is reliable and with whom your bets might be safest.

Of course, you should never take a bet as a given, and even if you feel as though you’re hedging your bets on the most consistently successful football player who’s ever graced the game, there is still always the risk of failure – so keep that in mind.

Kylian Mbappe

As you begin to get closer to the 2022 world cup, those who are into sports betting are going to be asking themselves the same question as you with increasing intensity and frequency. Additionally, they’re also going to be curious about the national teams that each of these players will be playing for, rather than just the clubs. That being said, taking a look at their club experience can help you to gain a good idea of how good they are going to be in the coming tournament. Mbappe is one such player, who you can expect to see playing for France when the world cup rolls around, being known for scoring over 60 goals in club-level play in the last couple of years.

It helps to be sure though, when it comes to an activity such as this, and taking the time to research a sports gambling guide could illuminate the answers that you’re looking for.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is one of those players who manages to cross the boundary and be a name recognisable even to those who are not fans of the sport. That alone should speak to the level of his skill, but you might feel as though the quality of this player is being gradually outshined by the newer and younger athletes who play the game today. Still, consistently playing at a high level speaks for itself, and if it’s reliability that you’re looking for, you might find that this is as safe a bet as any others.

Lauren Hemp

With the 2022 Euros Tournament in full swing, fans have likely begun to notice the runaway success of the English team, meaning that attention is swiftly turning to the players that have allowed that to happen. Among those is Lauren Hemp, who can be seen playing for Manchester United at the club level. With the team as a whole being a viable candidate for success as England move into the semi-finals, thinking about the high scorers among the players might well be the direction that you decide to take with your betting. If you’re just now catching up, looking back over the statistics of previous games might help to solidify your faith in this particular team going forward.