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Where to Watch Kings League on TV and Live Stream?

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Find out the best channels and livestreams to watch Kings League this season.

If you’ve been following the exhilarating Kings League via Twitch and are wondering where you can catch all the action on TV and live stream, you’re in luck!

Gerard Piqué, the president of the Kings League, has just made a groundbreaking announcement that’s sure to excite fans.

What’s Kings League?

The Kings League is a seven-a-side football league in Barcelona, created in 2022 by Gerard Piqué, in collaboration with other prominent football figures and internet streamers.

It’s not your typical football league; it spices things up with unconventional rules designed to add excitement and entertainment to the matches. These rules include tie-breaker penalty shootouts, the allowance of handballs for throw-ins, unlimited substitutions, and the intriguing implementation of wild cards.

Format and Rules

The Kings League adopts an Apertura and Clausura-style format, dividing each season into two splits: the Winter Split and the Summer Split.

Both splits feature their own league stages and playoffs. During the league stage, the twelve teams compete in eleven matchdays, playing against every other team once. The top eight teams based on their rankings proceed to the playoffs. Each matchday offers six thrilling forty-minute matches, split into two twenty-minute halves.

For the inaugural season, players were selected through a draft process, held on 27 December 2022. Prospective players underwent rigorous physical and skill testing, and each team can have up to twelve players on their roster. The draft involved selecting ten players, with two additional roster slots reserved for guest players, known as the 11th Player and 12th Player.

The Kings League also boasts a unique set of rules created through fan involvement via social media. These rules include tie-breaker penalty shootouts from the center of the field, offsides, handballs for throw-ins, unlimited substitutions, yellow card exclusions for 2 minutes, and red card exclusions for 5 minutes.

Special “secret weapons” add an extra layer of excitement to the game, including penalty kicks, shootouts, goal doubling for 2 minutes, and more.

Where to Stream Kings League

Kings League matches are easily accessible for fans. You can watch them for free via live streaming on the league’s official Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok channels, as well as on the channels of the team chairpersons. The viewership numbers speak volumes about its popularity, with millions tuning in to watch the thrilling matches.

Additionally, Catalan public broadcaster Televisió de Catalunya has aired the Winter Split playoffs final live on its main channel TV3, reaching a broader audience.

Is Kings League on TV?

The big news came on May 3, 2023, when Gerard Piqué himself took to Twitter to announce a game-changing development. The Kings League and the Queens League (its women’s counterpart) will now be broadcast on Cuatro, a prominent Mediaset España channel, starting from the upcoming season. This move marks the beginning of a significant collaboration between Mediaset and Kosmos, Gerard Piqué’s production company.

This exciting agreement includes live broadcasts on Cuatro of the most captivating matches from both the Kings League and the Queens League. Mediaset España will also provide summaries of the games and highlights from the pre-match and post-match programs, Chup Chup and After.