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Walcott’s biggest regret during his time at Arsenal

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In a compelling interview with talkSPORT, Theo Walcott revealed some of his biggest regrets during his time at Arsenal under Arsene Wenger. 

Theo Walcott was supposed to take over Thierry Henry’s legacy at Arsenal when Arsene Wenger brought him from Southampton. The French legend even agreed to leave the club’s number ‘14’ for him to honor his legacy. Initially, the talent was there but the results never matched the player’s own expectations. As the years kept going by, that Gunners’ side started feeling like a mediocre football club that felt content with qualifying to the Champions League.

In hindsight, the club owners were mostly to blame for not buying better players to improve the squad. But everybody had a percentage of blame for failing to win trophies. After all, Arsenal is still one of the wealthiest clubs in the world. Now that he is nearing the twilight of his career, Walcott decided to open up about his frustrations at the North London club. 

Theo thinks the Gunners were too nice. 

In a revealing interview for talkSPORT, the Southampton veteran spoke about everything from his time at Arsenal. But the most interesting part was when he criticized his former club for lacking more hunger for titles. He is convinced they should’ve won the Premier League when Leicester won the title.

“We were too nice… then we won a few FA Cups and got in the Champions League a lot. At times, that felt like it was good enough for Arsenal. It felt like a bit of a medal. As players we wanted to win things, but the club were happy to finish fourth. When Leicester won the league and we were the only team to beat them twice, that was the year we should’ve done something. That was the year Arsenal should’ve won it.”