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Vinicius Jr slammed for “provoking” attitude by ex-Barcelona keeper

Vinicius Jr at Real Madrid
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The Real Madrid star has suffered vile racist abuse from rival fans in recent weeks.

Pepe Reina has criticized Vinicius Junior for his immature attitude during Real Madrid games.

Continued racial abuse targeted at Vinicius Jr has triggered a wave of support for the Brazil international in recent weeks. A number of footballers and coaches have published social media messages supporting the 22-year-old.

However, Reina believes it’s unfair to assume Spain is a racist country based on Vinicius Jr’s experience.

“First and foremost, any racist behavior must be stopped,” Reina told Marca (via Managing Madrid). 

“Then, I do not believe that there is racism in all the stadiums in Spain or that an entire stadium is racist. There are the typical fools who are difficult to always contain.

What you have to do is identify them and never enter a stadium again. Those four, eight or thousand who called Vinicius a ‘monkey’ must be condemned. It’s sad that this happens.

“Having said that, I see that sometimes it’s not just racism, it’s not that a fan is racist or not, but rather that they take it out on a specific player, because he can talk too much at one point.

“It’s happened to us everyone, me included. As a general reflection, the less you provoke the stands, the less you provoke the rivals and the less you protest to the referee, the more respect you will have from everyone.”