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VIDEO: Tottenham Hotspur gets past Chelsea from the spot

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After a gruesome Carabao Cup match, Mourinho’s Tottenham came from behind to defeat Lampard’s Chelsea from the spot. 

Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur confronted Frank Lampard’s Chelsea for the first time this season in a crucial match. The Portuguese manager wanted to play his usual mind games with his former pupil by stating this tournament wasn’t his priority. But Lampard knows Mourinho quite well and never fell for the trap.

The starting lineup from the Spurs’ boss didn’t reflect his words, just as Lampard anticipated. It was all the opposite, both clubs were after the next round ticket tonight. The Blues actually started the match with a bang after Timo Werner’s first-half goal. He received an assist from Azpilicueta after giving Sergio Reguilon a warm welcome to English football.

However, the Real Madrid left-back would get his revenge during the second half. Mourinho knew his side was capable of coming back from this adverse result but he needed to give them a classic half-time pep talk. 

The Eric Dier incident.

After the break, everything seemed leveled between both clubs and even Tottenham had a few major chances. But something happened with 15 minutes left on the clock that you don’t see every day. Eric Dier seemed to have a toilet emergency and simply left the pitch in a hurry. Even Gary Lineker made a joke about the whole situation.

During the next five minutes, Chelsea created several chances that nearly got them 2-0 on the scoreboard. This angered Mourinho to the point that he left the pitch to scold Dier and force him to return to the game. Just a few minutes after that, Sergio Reguilon got his revenge by setting Erik Lamela up for Tottenham’s equalizer with a clinical cross from the left.

This was all Mourinho needed in order to prepare the penalty shootouts. Only one player missed his shot, the unlucky one was Mason Mount. This is how Mourinho beats Lampard on their first important confrontation of the season. But we’ll get to experience at least two more of these.