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VIDEO: Streaker gets into Europa League match with no crowd

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It happened during one of today’s four Europa League matches, a streaker got past security during a game with no fans in the stands. 

How does a streaker get past security with no fans in the stadium during one of today’s Europa League matches? You are reading this correctly, a Mo Salah lookalike jumped on the pitch during the first half of today’s game in Spain. It was during the Granada vs Manchester United quarter-final in Los Carmenes. As he got on the pitch, it was difficult to understand how a naked man got into the pitch in a mostly empty stadium.

The game quickly stopped as the players appeared confused with the situation. When the police finally got a hold of the bold man, they escorted him out of the pitch and probably straight to jail. Until that moment, that was arguably the most entertaining moment of the first half between both squads. Perhaps this served as a proper way to wake the players up because a goal quickly came after. 

Rashford adds some excitement to the game. 

After this surreal moment in Los Carmenes, Marcus Rashford got to score the initial goal for Manchester United against Granada. Lindelof saw him making the run from midfield and decided to give him a long pass from the deep. The England international made a perfect reception and pushed the ball to the back of the net. Manchester United wasn’t doing much throughout the first half but they got to draw first blood against Granada.

This proves that the Red Devils can be considered favorites to win the tournament this season. It took a streaker to make the players realize they needed to improve their game in order to entertain everybody at home. Regardless of this goal, everybody will remember the streaker in Los Carmenes.