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VIDEO: Solskjaer ‘surprised’ about Frank Lampard’s sudden sacking

Manchester United v Chelsea - FA Cup: Semi Final
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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has reacted to Chelsea’s decision to dismiss Frank Lampard from his managerial position.

Manchester United’s manager and Frank Lampard have a lot in common. Firstly, they were both club legends to the sides they managed. Secondly, they were both on the brink of being sacked after their teams recently failed to perform at the desired level.

However, only one of the young managers received the dreaded termination letter. Chelsea officially dismissed Frank Lampard this Monday morning, which resulted in some mixed reactions. Naturally, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was asked about how he felt in the wake of the London club’s decision.

“One thing I know for sure is that Frank doesn’t want any of us to feel sorry for him, that’s for sure. I know his character, [his] mentality and I’m sure he’ll bounce back and have a very good managerial career.”

Moreover, Manchester United’s manager proceeded to explain why Chelsea acted so soon, although he didn’t necessarily agree with the Premier League side.

“They just went through a little patch, a period, for a short spell. It’s not long ago they were top of the league! It’s the first dip of form they really had under Frank so [I’m] a little bit surprised but it’s not my job to comment on what’s happening at Chelsea really.”

Solskjaer knows he was the lucky one.

Although Manchester United are now leaders of the Premier League, the Red Devils also went through a less positive spell. In fact, there were several calls for Ed Woodward to sack the Norwegian manager.

“We knew that we were gonna have some rough and patchy periods and they stood strong. Of course, I’ve had good backing from the club and the leadership have been very steady, which I feel very grateful for, ’cause we have been through two or three really bad spells of form.”

Additionally, Solskjaer was cautious with his words but hinted that he wasn’t happy with Chelsea’s recent decision.

“Sometimes we don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes and you probably don’t know what been happening behind the scenes here either. It’s not for me to keep talking about our communication but it’s always sad when someone loses their job.”