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VIDEO: Ronaldo reaches a major milestone for Juventus

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It happened during Juventus’ match against Sassuolo, Cristiano Ronaldo reached a major milestone with the Italian club. 


Cristiano Ronaldo did it again during today’s match against Sassuolo, he reached another major milestone in his impressive career. Even though he is not exactly having the best season, Cristiano will still finish the campaign as Serie A’s top scorer. That’s another record that’s about to happen without question. However, today was perfect to break a fresh one on his third year at Juventus.

Cristiano scored one of those solo goals that he created all by himself, one that reminded us of the good old days in Madrid. He took a ball in the final third of the pitch to get past his defender and stand in front of the goalkeeper. Ronaldo didn’t miss his shot in order to score his 28th goal of the season in Serie A. This puts him a good seven goals above his closest competitor for the individual award. Luis Muriel just scored his 22nd goal of the season today as well. But that’s not the exciting part about Cristiano’s goal against Sassuolo this evening. 

Ronaldo reaches a unique record with Juventus. 

With this goal, Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the only player in football history to score 100+ goals in the three major European leagues and his national team. Just like Ronaldo Nazario has the record as the only player to score goals in El Clasico and the Milano Derby with all four jerseys. Or Hugo Sanchez’s record of scoring all 38 Golden Boot goals at first-touch back in the day.


Cristiano gets this unique record that no other player might ever reach, it’s nearly impossible for another star to do this. We are not saying it can’t happen but it’s pretty difficult at this point. This is one of the many aspects that make Cristiano Ronaldo such a unique football legend. We will never see anything like it during our lifetimes. Even if he doesn’t play for Juventus next season, he already left his indelible mark.