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VIDEO: Ronaldo breaks historic record vs Napoli

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With a second-half goal, Cristiano Ronaldo finally appeared in an important match for Juventus this season. He broke a historic record vs Napoli. 

Cristiano Ronaldo finally made an appearance when it mattered the most during the Italian Super Cup against Napoli. It was a crucial match that gave the first trophy of the season to the winner, a perfect day for Ronaldo to appear. Throughout the current season, the Portuguese forward still hadn’t made an appearance against the most important clubs.

Apart from his performance against Barcelona, Italy has been difficult to beat for Ronaldo. But that ended today against Napoli with his second-half goal. It happened during a corner kick right after an attempt he created. Ronaldo was right in the heart of the box to push the ball inside, which gave Juventus the momentary victory. 

Ronaldo beats Lozano in the duel. 

Earlier in the game, Hirving Lozano was Napoli’s man who represented some type of danger for the Southern side. He struck a header in the first half that nearly gave his side the advantage, but a brilliant save from Szczęsny denied him. Even though he didn’t score, the Mexican forward remained as Napoli’s most dangerous player.

It all crumbled down when Cristiano Ronaldo started creating chances during the second half. Much like he tends to do pretty often, the star appeared in yet another final to score a goal that could give Juventus a new title. If the Bianconeri win this one, Cristiano has to celebrate it as hard as he can.